Strategic Account Planning (S.A.P.)

S.A.P. is a simple and effective sales methodology that enables your sales team to plan their activities and monitor the performance of their strategic accounts.

All the relevant information related to the strategic development of the account will be gathered in a document that can be shared among the team and with the management.

We have already introduced this methodology to several accounts and the benefits are evident:

  • Easy to learn.
  • Sharing a common language in the organisation will establish a strategic account development culture.
  • In assessing your portfolio you will be prioritising the best accounts following a rigorous selection criteria.
  • The quality of the relationship with the client becomes very clear.
  • The actions of your sales team will be planned and monitored with ease.

 Our approach consists of 2 phases:

  1. Assessment of the needs of the management and tailoring the format of the account plan to the needs of your organisation.
  2. Coordinating workshops with your sales team, with individual support and feedback.

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